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Our services include: Hair Care, Nail Care, Skin Care, Massage and Body Treatments! Give us a call today! 484-494-0906


Service Range $10 -$60 & Up

Shampoo Only

Scalp Conditioning

Haircut Only

Shampoo & Haircut

Shampoo & Blow Dry or Set


Shampoo, Haircut & Blow Dry or Set

Beard / Mustache - Trim / Shape

French Braiding Only

Shampoo& Braiding

Children's Haircuts

   with Shampoo & Blow Dry

Up-do / Formal Styling

   (have hair clean & dry & allow 1 hour)

Permanent Waving-Straightening

(includes Shampoo & Conditioning)

Service Range $40 - $350 & Up

Body/Permanent Waves

Spiral and Stack Permanents

Partial Permanents

Straightening/Retexturizing or Relaxng

   (includes Shampoo & Conditioning)

Japanese Straightening

   (includes Shampoo & Conditioning)

Cool Smoothing

Thermal Smoothing


Service Range $10 - $100 & Up

Semi- / Demi-Permanent

Single Process

Single Process Touch-Up

Double Process

Double Process Touch-Up

Full Cap Hilite

Partial Cap Hilite

Full Foil Hilite

Partial Foil Hilite

Full Hi/Lo Lites (2 Colors)

Partial Hi/Lo Lites (2 Colors)

Full Tri-Lites (3 Colors)

Partial Tri-Lites (3 Colors)

Individual Foils

Temporary Rinse

Eyebrow Coloring

Chemical Enhancement prices do not include Haircuts, Blow Dry / Set Styling.

Please Note: All prices are subject to change according to the time, length of hair, and the amount or products used. Kindly consult your stylist.

In Home Visits

$30 plus cost of the services performed.


Service Range $40 & Up

Haircutting & Thinning

Shampoo & Set / Styling of Wig


Service Range $15 - $45 & Up


French Manicure

Hot Oil / Lotion

Spa Manicure


French Pedicure

Spa Pedicure

Polish Change                        Hands / Feet

Paraffin Dips                           Hands / Feet

   Excellent for arthritis & very dry skin

Nail Enhancements

Full Set - Acrylics or Fiberglass

Bi-weekly Fills - Acrylic or Fiberglass

Full Set - Temporary Tips

Nail Repairs

Nail Art

Hand Painted or Decals         per nail


Service Range $10 - $60 & Up

Due to sensitivities, please inform the technician if you are using Botox,chemical peels, Vitamin A or Accutane, or any anti-biotics.

Full Leg                                                 Half Leg

Full Arm                                                 Half Arm

Underarms              Breast Area           Bikini

Back                                                      Chest

Hands                                                    Feet

Eyebrows            Lip           Chin           Cheeks

Hairline                                                  Nape


Service Range $35 & Up

Permanent Hair Removal

available by appointment only


Service Range $25 & Up

Full body massages available by appointment only. Head , neck, shoulder massage available by request. 15 minutes

1/2 Hour Body Massage

1 Hour Body Massage

Skin & Body Care

Service Range $35 - $95 & Up

Facials 1/2 Hour- 1 1/2 Hours

Back Treatments 1 Hour - 1 1/2 Hours

Body Treatments 1 Hour - 1 1/2 Hours

Please refer to the Skin Care Specialty Section

Cosmetic Application

Brow & Lash Tinting

Lash Application / Extension

Skin Care Treatments

European Skin Care Solutions

Patricia's Signature Facial

(60 mins)

Patricia's Express Facial

(30 mins)

Patricia's Teen Facial

(45 mins)

The Gentlemen's Treatment

Facial / Back (60 mins - 90 mins)

The Purity Solution

Facial / Back (60 mins - 90 mins)

Anti-Age Facial Care

(60 mins)

Eye Bright Rejuvenation

w/Facial (15 add'l mins)

Stand alone treatment      (30 mins)

Velvety Hands

w/Paraffin      (30 mins)

Body Treatments

The Body Shampoo

(60 mins)

Spa Body Renewal


The Citrus Scrub Down

(80 m ins)

Bronzer Bodies

(60 mins)

Appointing Timing

30 - 90 minutes

A Credit Card / Gift Certificate Number is required at the time of service scheduling.